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The Open Source Wellness team is committed to authenticity, integrity, cultural humility, joy, and impact.

Our team is our magic

Given our commitment to having a team that is demographically and culturally representative of the populations that we serve, we hire and train individuals who have a wide range of backgrounds and lived experiences. The current team is 65% people of color and majority women, and our health coaching team is over 75% people of color. Our coaches speak ten different languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, French, Portuguese, Hebrew and Tagalog.
Every month, our entire team gathers for our Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) learning collaborative. Our 2023 topics included health equity, sizeism, gender, ableism, race, ageism, immigration, housing insecurity, food insecurity, medical advocacy and Indigenous Peoples. In 2024, we're reading together "Diversity in Clinical Practice" by Lambers Fisher.

We are a reflection of the communities that we serve.

Elizabeth Markle, Ph.D. Linkedin logo

Elizabeth Markle, Ph.D.

​Elizabeth Markle, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, speaker, writer, researcher, and Associate Professor of Community Mental Health at California Institute of Integral Studies. Dedicated to multi-theoretical and multi-level approaches to individual and community health and healing, Elizabeth's current area of study and innovation is around combining clinical expertise with social entrepreneurship to create sustainable, thriving cultures of health and wellness. She is the co-founder of Open Source Wellness (, a nonprofit initiative offering experiential behavioral health and wellness via a "Community As Medicine" approach in collaboration with healthcare providers and insurers.
Co-Founder, Executive Director

Ben Emmert-Aronson, Ph.D.Linkedin logo

Ben Emmert-Aronson, Ph.D.

Benjamin Emmert-Aronson, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, researcher, and advocate. He earned his MS in Statistics from Columbia University and his Ph.D. in Psychology from Boston University. He is the co-founder of Open Source Wellness, a non-profit that partners with underserved communities to improve health and wellness and reduce health inequity. Open Source Wellness utilizes person-centered design to build health and well-being events where participants actively engage in movement, mindfulness, plant-based meals, and health coaching, frequently free of charge. He is now equally likely to be found at the microphone, analyzing data, or doing the cupid shuffle, all in the name of better health for our most vulnerable neighbors.
Co-Founder, Director of Operations

Julie AlvarezLinkedin logo

Julie Alvarez

Guide. Advocate. Creator to do goodness.
Director of Clinical and Community Health Programs

Rachel BarachLinkedin logo

Rachel Barach

Rachel's vision is to expand access to quality health coaching for all who need it. She believes health is a basic human right. In her current role, she trains health coaches focusing on trauma-informed coaching, cultural relevance, social determinants of health, empathy, rapport, and suicide prevention. She also has deep expertise in individual coaching and group coaching in a healthcare context and has worked with over one thousand clients. Rachel’s teaching style is engaging, nuanced, humorous, and enthusiastic.
CAMPT Program Director & Head of ​HR

NBC-HWC, Certified QPR Instructor

Teresa EllisLinkedin logo

Teresa Ellis

Sharing how amazing our bodies are is my happy place.
Movement Lead

Certified Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer

Sara StandishLinkedin logo

Sara Standish

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Darren L. MooreLinkedin logo

Darren L. Moore

I'm a soldier of peace in the army of love
Health Coach, Movement Lead


Jessica FerrarLinkedin logo

Jessica Ferrar

Connection, Community, Care, Love, Humor, Movement
Site Lead, ​Health Coach

​Wellness Coach, Bilingual Educator

Christina TaylorLinkedin logo

Christina Taylor

A yoga instructor, and integrative wellness & grief coach, Christina Marie, believes that it is possible to embody wellness at every stage of life. She enacts social justice within her reach by committing to reduce the gap in access to wellness support one person at a time. Christina Marie is currently a Ph.D. student studying Mind-Body Medicine specializing in Integrative and Functional Nutrition. Her dissertation will explore the role of nourishment for women who have experienced grief due to loss.
Site Lead, ​Health Coach, Faculty

NBC-HWC, PhD Candidate

Jacky CarilloLinkedin logo

Jacky Carillo

Highly motivated through the power of connection, kindness, and understanding.
Site Lead, Health Coach

​Alli JorgensenLinkedin logo

​Alli Jorgensen

In pursuit of connection, compassion, curiosity & good food.
​Grants Manager


Erykah HamiltonLinkedin logo

Erykah Hamilton

Committed, Compassionate, Caring.
​Site Lead, ​Referral Team Coordinator

Marie ObligacionLinkedin logo

Marie Obligacion

Personal connection, self-advocacy, and food that makes your heart full
Health Coach

Amel AlkaheliLinkedin logo

Amel Alkaheli

To inspire others to live happy
Health Coach

Constanza YanezLinkedin logo

Constanza Yanez

Equity, connection & dark chocolate make my heart sing
Site Lead

200 YT Yoga Instructor & Mindfulness Facilitator

​Erika GomezLinkedin logo

​Erika Gomez

Love to empower and inspire others to achieve health and life goals
Health Coach

Cryscilla HerbkersmanLinkedin logo

Cryscilla Herbkersman

Cryscilla’s background is in Education and Physician Assistant Studies. As OSW’s Coach Training Program Coordinator she is passionate about ensuring that all students feel supported and empowered throughout the program. Health and wellness coach training was a deeply transformative personal and professional experience for her. She is excited to be a part of this team to help future coaches recognize the ability we all have to empower others to find their own personal motivation to make lasting positive lifestyle and behavior changes. She has studied health and wellness for 5+ years and loves to spend time in the kitchen creating simple, accessible, and affordable veggie-powered recipes. She currently works as the Coach Training Program Coordinator, OSWx Alumni Coordinator, and OSW Peer Leader Coordinator.
Coach Training Program Coordinator


​Cristian VelasquezLinkedin logo

​Cristian Velasquez

Passionate, Hardworking, and Empathetic
Health Coach

Sara DuranLinkedin logo

Sara Duran

Nothing works in isolation. I believe that a holistic approach works better than a divided one.​
Health Coach

Alma GalindoLinkedin logo

Alma Galindo

Empathetic, resilient, and driven, creating change through wellness and cultural inclusivity.​
Health Coach

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