Impact & Outcomes

We evaluate our program rigorously in partnership with UCSF and Stanford research teams.

We're driven by data as a part of our commitment to health equity.

We track outcomes to better understand the changes our participants undergo. But even more meaningfully, we track outcomes to revolutionize the standard of care in medicine, a change which has to be data-driven. This commitment is fueled by our drive to make this transformative work accessible to everyone.

We partner with UCSF and Stanford to measure exercise, diet, depression and more, along with Emergency Department visits, biomarkers, and primary care utilization. All of our data come from patients at low-income clinics, who have varied health challenges including diabetes, heart disease, depression, chronic pain, as well as significant socio-economic barriers to health.

Our patient outcomes speak for themselves

Outcomes measures are collected from participants at baseline and each month thereafter. These are analyzed with mixed linear models to make use of the longitudinal nature of the data, to address missing data, and to account for individual variability.

ER Visits Results Graphs
ED Visits/Hospitalizations
77% Reduction in Emergency Dept Visits
ED visits/Hospitalizations in 6 months prior to attending group and 6 months following group, p = .14, n = 49.
Blood pressure results graph
Blood Pressure
19pt Reduction in BP
Systolic Blood Pressure p < .001, Diastolic BP p < .05, n = 85 from a subset of hypertensive patients.
Anxiety, Depression, and Loneliness stats
Mental Health
43% Decrease in Depression, 41% Decrease in Anxiety
All p’s < .001; Mental Health outcomes are measured with PHQ-9 (n = 244), GAD-7 (n = 142), and UCLA 3-item. Loneliness Scale (n = 241), from a subsample of depressed patients.
Exercise Graph
Physical Activity
51% Increase in weekly physical activity
All p’s < .001, exercise measured with Exercise as a Vital Sign (n = 755).
Daily Fruits and Vegetable results
Daily Servings Fruits & Vegs
26% Increase in fruit/veg intake
Diet measured with 2-Item Fruit and Vegetable intake (n = 744).
Connection Measurements and Results graphs
Increase in Social Connection
Connection measured with the Social Connectedness Scale – Revised (SCS-R, n = 320, p < .01).
Wellbeing Results
Increase in Wellbeing
Wellbeing measured with the World Health Organization 5-item Wellbeing Index (WHO-5, n = 617, p < .001).

Hear from our participants directly

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OSW Participant
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"OSW has been like a savior to me, I felt like my life was crumbling in, and there was nothing I could do but OSW gave me the support I needed to start making changes."
OSW Participant
Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center
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“Muy lindas personas que me apoyan mucho, nos ayudan mucho, la verdad. Yo no, nunca había encontrado, la verdad, ningunas personas que nos trataran así como ellas nos están tratando.”
OSW Participant
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“The biggest impact OSW provides is the awareness of the interconnectedness of our physical, mental and emotional health. It's easy to try to fix one aspect of our life but if other aspects (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual) aren't in synch, we don't have a strong enough foundation to build off of.”
OSW Participant
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"I’m grateful for this program that is giving me support around my goals, I've also been able to stop taking insulin thanks to the support from this program!"
OSW Participant
Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center
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“Para mi, hay muchos cambios en mi alimentacion. Me acostumbré a comer de manera diferente. Ahora como mucho menos azúcar y tortillas después del programa. Como más verduras. Pude equilibrar mis niveles de azúcar en sangre. Ahora tomo menos pastillas y menos insulina. Mi diabetes es más manejable. Me crearon conciencia de mi vida y mi salud fisica y mental. Es un gran apoyo para personas que necesitamos motivacion para tener una vida mas saludable.”

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