Full Service Health Coaching

Open Source Wellness partners with healthcare providers, payers, supportive housing and community based organizations to improve health and well-being outcomes, increase engagement and lower total cost of care for their patients and community members.

We provide full service support that enables clinicians, social workers and other allied staff to work at the top of their license while knowing their patients and community members are receiving engaging, high quality health coaching to reach their individual health goals.

We integrate seamlessly with your team

Open Source Wellness brings years of experience working directly with clinical providers, administrators and community leaders to navigate complex workflows and operational challenges all while upholding the patient experience and quality of care.

For some of our clinical partners, we deliver our model in partnership with primary care providers as a Group Medical Visit. This enables revenue generation in excess of the cost of contracting with Open Source Wellness.  

Clinics & Healthcare Systems

Clinical partners choose Open Source Wellness' services to improve clinical outcomes and enable clinicians to work at the top of their licenses by leveraging Community As Medicine to address patients' behaviorally-mediated physical and mental health challenges.

Payers and Managed Care Orgs

Health insurance and managed care organizations work with Open Source Wellness to improve clinical outcomes, member engagement, and member experience while reducing avoidable, high cost emergency room visits.


Employers collaborate with Open Source Wellness to provide powerful and dynamic retreat/offsite experiences, followed by ongoing coaching support to their teams, improving wellbeing, retention, and morale.

Supportive Housing Providers

Supportive housing providers partner with Open Source Wellness to provide engaging programming for residents, improving chronic mental and physical conditions while building cultures of connection and cohesion.  

Community-based Orgs

Community based organizations collaborate with Open Source Wellness to bring engaging and culturally relevant support, training, and coaching to their staff and community members.

We support individuals and groups

Group Coaching

OSW specializes in providing dynamic, experiential, and joyful group health coaching in partnership with our organizational clients.

Once a participant is referred, the OSW coaching team handles engagement, onboarding, zoom support (if needed), data collection, program delivery, and communication with referring partners.

Individual Coaching

Open Source Wellness  also offers individual health coaching via phone or videoconference.

Currently, individual coaching is offered in Spanish and English, but Open Source Wellness can deliver individual health coaching in other languages based on customer demand, and currently has staff who speak Arabic, Tagalog, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, French, Portuguese, and Hebrew.

We integrate seamlessly with existing organizational structures

OSW has deep experience in working directly with clinical providers, clinic administrators and managers, and administrative staff to navigate complex workflows and operational challenges all while upholding the patient experience and quality of care.

Our coaching includes, but is not limited to: 


Culturally-relevant foods, understanding nutrition labels, grocery shopping on a budget, understanding macronutrients, meal planning / food prep, etc

Physical Activity

Strength, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, integrating physical activity into everyday life, navigating pain and limitation, etc.

Stress Reduction, Mindfulness

Best practices for managing stress, emotional awareness, basic mindfulness practices, progressive muscle relaxation, journaling, etc.

Sleep and Rest

Practices of sleep hygiene, understanding the importance of sleep, navigating insomnia, setting up rituals around sleep, cultivating restfulness in daily life, etc.

Habit Building

Setting goals, creating new habits, replacing unwanted habits, celebrating small victories, using social connection to support accountability, etc.

Social Connection

Understanding our needs for meaningful and nourishing connection, building skills of connection, addressing isolation/loneliness.

We work with primary care, behavioral health, and general wellness populations.

Open Source Wellness was initially founded and designed to provide services for Medicaid-eligible or uninsured individuals.  We have expertise working with individuals who face housing and food insecurity, speak languages other than English, have experienced trauma and many other barriers to health and wellbeing.

Our health coaching services are transdiagnostic. We have experience working with individuals with a wide range of mental and behavioral health diagnosis, including but not limited to diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and more. For clinical partners, Group Medical Visit billing can generate revenue, and provide unparalleled care coordination.

Our team is made of talented, diverse, experienced health coaches supervised by psychologists.

Darren L. Moore
Darren L. Moore
Jessica Ferrar
Jessica Ferrar
​Wellness Coach, Bilingual Educator
Christina Taylor
Christina Taylor
NBC-HWC, PhD Candidate
Sirupa Singh
Sirupa Singh
Constanza Yanez
Constanza Yanez
200 YT Yoga Instructor & Mindfulness Facilitator

What Clinical Providers in our partner clinics have to say:

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Annie Chern, MD
OSW Participant
Family Medicine Associates
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“OSW is doing what primary care physicians wish we had the time to do outside of our traditional 15 minute visits with patients – they address whole patient care and prioritize things like movement, healthy eating, behavioral goals, external stressors, and social network, some of the most important determinants of health! It was truly inspiring to see how my patients gained self-efficacy and increased self-worth during their participation in OSW, and I have taken many of the pearls and strategies from the OSW group sessions and incorporated them into my own counseling with patients. When so many of us were burnt out during the pandemic, it was truly refreshing and inspiring to see how OSW was able to pull together a group of patients from disparate backgrounds (even virtually!) and help them achieve their goals of better health. I left each zoom session more energized and invigorated to help my own patients the rest of the day!”
Sweena Burroughs, NP
OSW Participant
Alameda Health System
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“Having one afternoon a week where I do not have a conventional clinic has been instrumental for preventing burnout. It really helps break up my week. As a full-time provider, getting the chance to deliver patient care in such a dynamic fashion also provides me with more energy the other days of the week. Working with OSW has been a fantastic way for me to build meaningful relationships with patients that otherwise could not happen during the time constraints of traditional clinic visits. It offers me a chance to work with patients to really get at the underlying factors that may be affecting their health and wellbeing.”

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