Health Coach Training

Our 20-week live virtual Community As Medicine Training Program is a National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches approved coach training program. It provides rigorous training to support your current and future clients. Studying these methods in community also provide opportunity for personal transformation and growth.  

Our next cohort will launch July 2024. Please email our program coordinator at for more information.

Cultural Humility

Students will learn how to provide coaching that honors and uplifts a person’s identities related to race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, education, social needs, and others.


Students will understand the impact of individual and collective trauma in clients’ experiences and challenges, provide support and guidance around resilience and solution-forward action.

Group Coaching

In addition to individual coaching, students will learn group coaching skills and flow. Group coaching allows for a broader network of accountability and support, as well as creating a pathway for more affordable and broad-reaching impact.
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Health coaching is the future of clinical and community care.

Health & Wellness Coaches partner with clients to help them improve their well-being through sustainable, self-directed habit changes that are aligned with their values.

Our fully online certificate program combines a live online curriculum with coaching practice sessions, as well as three-session mentored coaching sessions with individualized feedback. Experienced instructors with significant health and wellness coaching backgrounds will provide thorough, development-focused evaluations and individual feedback.

Our next cohort starts in July 2024

Our first 2024 cohort runs from Jan to May 2024. Please email our program coordinator at for more information on our July 2024 cohort.

Our program is intimate, experiential, and LIVE - so you get plenty of real practice and feedback.

The field of health coaching is growing rapidly, with opportunities for work in private practice, clinical, corporate and entrepreneurial wellness settings.

With the explosion of the health & wellness coaching field, the National Board Certification credential (NBC-HWC) represents the profession’s highest standard.

I chose CAMtP because it felt like what they described from the course content aligned more with my own values. Safe to say it did not disappoint! I loved how grounded and socially aware the instructors were, and how the entire course covered everything from grief, diversity, equity, inclusion, and so many other real life challenges that are rarely addressed within the health care system. Definitely a very innovative and true-to-work health coaching program.

Gaby Galindo

2022 Program Cohort
The highlight of the program was having a diverse cohort that is committed and dedicated to health and wellness. The instructors always made sure to make space for the students to share their perspective. The CAMtP sessions were engaging and there was always an opportunity to practice with our fellow students.​

Overall it was a great opportunity to learn the concepts of health coaching and how to incorporate them with our prospective clients. The program has helped me to gain more confidence with my skill plus has placed a great importance on self care while I am on this journey of health coaching.

Rohita Bhatia

2022 Program Cohort
The CAMtP program was created by experts actually doing group and individual coaching with underserved populations, so the amount of genuine experience that the team brings to the program creates a very inspiring and relevant experience.  

The dedication and commitment of the team is felt at every moment of the program.  Sessions are fun, interactive and experiential - so there is a chance to assimilate the material with all adult learning principles taken into consideration

Anonymous Student

Summer 2022 Cohort

Our Community As Medicine curriculum includes:

Practical Experience

Practice coaching skills both one-on-one and in groups – demonstrating client-centered listening, motivational interviewing, reflections, and goal setting.

Coaching Theory

Understand theoretical frameworks and evidence-based research that underlie the field of health & wellness coaching

Health Risk Factors

Understand common risk factors, symptoms, treatment and the role of a health coach in chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, etc.

Mindfullness in Coaching

Apply mindfulness practices to your coaching presence, and coach them with clients when appropriate

Ethical Considerations

Thorough understanding of the standards of professional conduct and code of ethics in health coaching

Legal Concerns

The components and importance of legal factors in coaching, including confidentiality, HIPAA considerations and licensure
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Practicum Traineeship

As our students near graduation, many choose to apply for our 6-month OSW Practicum Program, in which they gain experience providing coaching to OSW participants.  

Practicum trainees receive ongoing training and mentorship as they offer individual and group coaching, collecting their 50+ hours needed to sit for the NBHWC board certification exam.  As they near exam time, our trainees are supported with exam prep and study time, and (as a thank you) we cover exam fees for our practicum participants.


Investment: $5,000 for Full Tuition
Sliding scale payment and scholarships are available on a case by case basis. Our program is intended to uplift coaches to increase representation in coaching and provide more access to health coaches in underserved communities.
NBHWC Certification
Upon completion of the program, students will receive the Open Source Wellness Health Coach Certificate. As an approved National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) program, this certificate makes students eligible to sit for the board exam.


$5,000 for Full Tuition
Sliding scale payment and scholarships are available on a case by case basis. Our program is intended to uplift coaches to increase representation in coaching and provide more access to health coaches in underserved communities.
Sliding Scale
Sliding scale payment and scholarships are available on a case by case basis. Our program is intended to uplift coaches to increase representation in coaching and provide more access to health coaches in underserved communities.

Our Faculty

Christina Taylor

Christina Taylor

A yoga instructor, and integrative wellness & grief coach, Christina Marie, believes that it is possible to embody wellness at every stage of life. She enacts social justice within her reach by committing to reduce the gap in access to wellness support one person at a time. Christina Marie is currently a Ph.D. student studying Mind-Body Medicine specializing in Integrative and Functional Nutrition. Her dissertation will explore the role of nourishment for women who have experienced grief due to loss.
Site Lead, ​Health Coach, Faculty

NBC-HWC, PhD Candidate

Elizabeth Markle, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Markle, Ph.D.

​Elizabeth Markle, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, speaker, writer, researcher, and Associate Professor of Community Mental Health at California Institute of Integral Studies. Dedicated to multi-theoretical and multi-level approaches to individual and community health and healing, Elizabeth's current area of study and innovation is around combining clinical expertise with social entrepreneurship to create sustainable, thriving cultures of health and wellness. She is the co-founder of Open Source Wellness (, a nonprofit initiative offering experiential behavioral health and wellness via a "Community As Medicine" approach in collaboration with healthcare providers and insurers.
Co-Founder, Executive Director

Rachel Barach

Rachel Barach

Rachel's vision is to expand access to quality health coaching for all who need it. She believes health is a basic human right. In her current role, she trains health coaches focusing on trauma-informed coaching, cultural relevance, social determinants of health, empathy, rapport, and suicide prevention. She also has deep expertise in individual coaching and group coaching in a healthcare context and has worked with over one thousand clients. Rachel’s teaching style is engaging, nuanced, humorous, and enthusiastic.
CAMPT Program Director & Head of ​HR

NBC-HWC, Certified QPR Instructor

Nancy Bahem

Nancy Bahem

Nancy is an experienced leader supporting lifestyle change with individuals, groups and small businesses. These transformations include personal and health related development. Nancy loves training health coaches, and know that powerful lifestyle comes both from being coached and from coaching others. She is eager to help you jumpstart this career!
Coach Training Program Faculty


Angelina I. Londoño, PhD.

Angelina I. Londoño, PhD.

Angelina is a highly experienced Translational Researcher, Bilingual Health Educator, Trainer, DE&I advocate, and entrepreneur. She is strongly dedicated to empowering trainees and coaching participants through self-compassion, self-efficacy, and connection. Angelina firmly believes in the transformative power of community and peer support in fostering a sense of belonging and promoting overall well-being. With a deep commitment to equity and social justice, Angelina leverages her bi-cultural background and fluency in Spanish to effectively drive positive change. Her teaching and mentoring philosophy revolves around helping students discover their strengths and building their confidence in a positive, inclusive learning environment that encourages student engagement and personal growth.
Coach Training Program Faculty


Arielle Hartz

Arielle Hartz

Arielle's passion is firmly anchored in the realm of mental and emotional health. Arielle is a courageous leader who holds an incessant curiosity for people and the powerful potential they hold within. Her values surround interpersonal relationships, in-the-moment change, and overcoming challenges, and hopes to provide an enriching, compassionate, and expansive space for her coaching clients and students. She's grateful to share her love for the coaching craft and the gift of learning.
Training Faculty


Danielle Sanders

Danielle Sanders

Danielle Sanders, MPH, RDN, LD, CHES is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, and Certified Health Education Specialist. She has developed and taught formal curriculum for physicians, dietitians, social workers, and health coaches alike. As someone who is passionate about integrating cultural foods and foodways into the nutrition conversation, she aims to challenge the textbook definition of health. Danielle is committed to sharing her unique coaching style and make a lasting impact by promoting health equity while also allowing individuals to embrace their food culture and life experiences. Her work is rooted in empathy, empowerment, and enthusiasm as she works to make health achievable for all.
Guest Faculty


Nicole Rosselle

Nicole Rosselle

Guest Faculty