​Open Source Wellness is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit devoted to equitable health and wellbeing. Your donations make our work possible.
One-time and recurring donations make a difference.
We all want to create health equity. Whether or not you spend your days working in this field, you can provide meaningful support to our shared mission. Please select a donation level that matches your means, and/or reach out to have a conversation with us about your desire to contribute.
Dancing participants
Sponsor Movement
Sponsor a joyful movement session, demonstrating the difference between exercise and play.
Community as Medicine group meal
Sponsor Dinner
Sponsor a healthy, plant-based meal for 25 participants, provided by the incredible non-profit Dig Deep Farms.​
Group health coaching session
Sponsor Staff DEI Training
At OSW we know there's always more to learn, and we are constantly working to identify and work on our blindspots. Sponsor our training.
Community As Medicine training program graduate holding certificate
Sponsor Health Coach Training Scholarship
Our NBHWC-certified health coach training program is among the most diverse in the country. This is only possible because of the significant financial aid we offer. Sponsor a health coach scholarship.

Foundations and Major Gifts

Systems-level transformation takes systems-level funding. If your foundation or personal philanthropic mission is aligned with our commitments to health equity, health outcomes, human connection, cultural humility, and access to wellbeing for all - our impact could be part of your legacy. Let's talk.

Call Wellness
Ardmore Institute of Health
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
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Donations make it possible to serve more people.

In addition, they can help us pilot new programs, conduct rigorous research on our impact, build infrastructure to support our growth, and hire needed talent as we grow.  Let us know what aligns with your personal giving goals, and we'll share more about our current needs.

Can I customize my gift?

Absolutely! Let's have a conversation about what's most important to you, and we'll see what's most aligned.

Can I sponsor someone I know for the Health Coach Training program?

As long as they are accepted into our program, yes! We have an application process to ensure that they are aligned with our mission and the goals of the program, but once they're accepted you can absolutely direct your support to them.

What else do donations pay for?

We have operating costs that aren't directly covered by our revenue. For example, we maintain an extensive HIPAA-compliant CRM that allows us to track all of our patients from the moment of referral, through their OSW journey, until graduation. Similarly, we provide ongoing training and professional development to all of our coaches and site leads, on topics including suicide assessment/prevention, motivational interviewing, etc.  

How much does OSW rely on philanthropic giving?

OSW's income is currently approximately 60% revenue-based, and 40% philanthropic.

Are donations tax deductable?

Yes! We can provide you with a receipt that you can use in your tax preparation.