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Covid-19 has made this work more vital than ever! Depression, anxiety, and isolation are all on the rise, and Open Source Wellness is responding!

We have taken our highly effective, in-person groups, and made them virtual, so that anyone, anywhere can join them.

But we need your support to make this possible. Please give today!

Sponsor Movement

Sponsor a joyful movement session, demonstrating the difference between exercise and play!

Sponsor Dinner

Sponsor a healthy, plant-based meal for 25 participants, provided by the incredible non-profit Dig Deep Farms.

Sponsor Dewonna

Sponsor a participant like Dewonna as she quits smoking and starts exercising with the help of the community!

Sponsor a Site

Provide a full health transformation for 25 participants - Joyful movement, stress reduction, plant-based dinners, and individual health coaching.

Open Source Wellness is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; all donations are tax-deductible.