Training & Implementation

Is your organization interested in building a Community as Medicine Program? We'll help you do it.
6 Pillars of 'Community as Medicine' program

The are six components of a successful Community As Medicine program

If your organization wants to deliver CAM in an ongoing way with its own staff, our goal is to help you get all of the pieces in place.

This is great for organizations that already have (or want to have) teams of health/wellness coaches, and aspire to build in-house capacity and programming to meet their patients' and employees' needs. We've worked with community based organizations, clinics, supportive housing providers, academic medical centers and more.

CAM creates meaningful outcomes for participants and generates sustainable revenue for organizations.

Why work with us? Open Source Wellness is the national leader in designing and implementing experiential, trauma-informed health coaching programs that spark joy and human connection.

Upskill staff with trauma-informed, group health coaching practices

The first step is ensuring your staff have the necessary skills. Whether they are currently community members, HR professionals, Nurses, Physicians, Community Health Workers, Medical Assistants, Personal Trainers, RD's, or others - we train them to serve as Health and Wellness Coaches.

Reach new patients/members with transdiagnostic services

Many of our partners already have some kind of health education or coach groups, like depression support groups or the Diabetes Prevention Program, which are very narrowly disease-focused. Community As Medicine welcomes and uplifts humans who have strengths and challenges in our wellbeing (and that's all of us!)

Increase patient/member engagement

Participants love Community As Medicine, and appreciate their clinics, insurers, and employers who provide it. Check out our testimonials on the Outcomes page to hear from them.

Strengthen your community and develop new partnerships

Community As Medicine programs often engage multiple stakeholders (ie clinical healthcare, payors, YMCAs, CBO's) to create an ecosystem approach to wellbeing. Our partners work with us to design and build these relationships.

Develop new revenue streams for health coaching

In multiple states, new billing policies are moving towards direct payor reimbursement for health coaching. In the meantime, we help partners leverage Group Medical Visit billing, Community Health Worker billing, and 1115 Waiver strategies to generate financial sustainability.
Open Source Wellness provides a one stop shop to amplify the effect of primary care to improve health outcomes, address social determinants of health like social isolation, and improve patient and provider experience. Patients love the experience, administrators appreciate the increased volume of patients seen, and providers like myself get to recover the joy of medicine when we practice this way.
Recipe for Health

Steven Chen, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Recipe4Health

Each implementation is custom. Here are a few things we might help you with:

Program Design Strategy
Who will attend your CAM groups? How will participants be referred/prescribed participation?  How will the groups be paid for? Who will lead them? We help our partners make strategic choices about all of these key design elements.
Health Coach
If needed, we offer NBHWC approved training for your staff to become board certified health and wellness coaches. Our curriculum highlights cultural humility, trauma informed coaching, and group coaching in addition to all of the core competencies.
CAM Group facilitation training
We'll train your coaches to deliver our unique program arc: Engage, Move, Be, Spark, Connect, and Celebrate. We also help coaches navigate common challenges in group dynamics. This training is usually live and in-person, and it's fun!  
Access to our Curriculum
Our library of 60+ "Sparks" consist of interactive, experiential learning experiences, each of which provokes learning and reflection on various health topics.
Live on-site training & launch support
For most of our training partners, we provide several days of live on-site training to get their teams ready to generate the magic of Community as Medicine! We'll be on hand to support you through the successful launch of your program.
Analytics/data design and analysis
Our Co-Founder, Dr. Ben Emmert-Aronson, is a statistician and researcher. He'll help you identify the most important success metrics and measures, and (if needed) can help analyze and understand your outcomes data.

Want to strengthen your existing wellness programs?

For organizations who are committed to their current health and wellness programming but want to increase their effectiveness, we offer custom consulting. Targeted coaching in the the spirit and strengths of Community As Medicine can be used to uplevel your own health coaching, wellness, and or behavioral health program.

This is great option for organizations that don’t want a wholesale program adoption, but want to implement some of the strategies/approaches that make CAM successful.

Want us to do the heavy lifting?

For organizations that don't have time or bandwidth to design, build, and staff a new program, bringing in Open Source Wellness to provide full service direct coaching services is a great place to start.