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2021 Walk with OSW
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First Annual FUNdraiser Walk

Come walk with Open Source Wellness! On Saturday October 16, we meet at Snow Park and walk around Lake Merritt in Oakland. Click below to sign up and to donate.

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Thank you for your support! With your help we won the Scattergood Innovation Award!


The Open Source Wellness approach animates Clinical, Community, Housing, and Corporate contexts as platforms for human health and well-being.

We empower cultures of health and wellbeing via our universal prescription of FOUR PRACTICES:





From Dr. Elizabeth Markle and Dr. Ben Emmert-Aronson, Co-Founders:

"Healthcare professionals of all stripes are constantly giving the same set of behavioral instructions, whether their patients have diabetes, depression, hypertension, or almost any other chronic condition. They say,

- Exercise more!

- Eat Better! 

- Reduce your stress!

- Get some social support!

When a doctor prescribes medication, they say “It will be ready at your neighborhood pharmacy, your insurance will cover it, and the pharmacist will be there to help you understand the dosing.”  


But when a doctor recommends physical activity, healthy meals, stress reduction, or meaningful community, it is often followed by "Good luck with that! I'll see you in 6 months!"  It's a prescription to nowhere, and our patients, providers, systems, and communities suffer for it.

We designed the Open Source Wellness approach to function as a "Behavioral Pharmacy;" a delivery system for the human experiences and behaviors that actually drive health and wellbeing. 

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"If we want to make a difference with the “diseases of despair” - suicide, substance misuse, alcohol related disease - and frankly with most chronic diseases, we need to be asking not “Why the disease?” but rather “Why the despair?” 


What are the conditions of our psyches, our families, our communities, our society - that are producing despair? And then intervene in ways that both address the structural causes of the despair, and that also actively generate the opposites of despair: Hope. Connection. Play. Joy. Belonging. Inspiration. Vitality."

- Dr. Elizabeth Markle, Open Source Wellness

Open Source Wellness is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; all donations are tax-deductible.