Less lecture. More experience.

Even for academic and professional audiences, we combine rigor (research outcomes data, deep clinical implementation experience) with dynamic experiential arcs that engage and activate participants.


Our founders bring the OSW spirt to community-building retreats for professional and community groups.

Clients include 1440 Multiversity (Healing our Healthcare Heroes), Reflections Retreat, and more.

Team Off-Sites

We can faciliate experiences at All-Staff meetings, annual gatherings, company trainings, and other organizational events.

Clients include Kaiser Permanente, Genentech, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Abbott Diabetes Care, Imaginatik.
Group crowd in a lecture hall

Community as Medicine

"Community As Medicine" is a dynamic program that's 20% keynote, 80% experiential journey. Participants move, connect, reflect, envision, and rapidly generate a culture of belonging, receiving: 

• An engaging, interactive, and joyful experience
• An infusion of vitality, authenticity, and connection between participants
• An action plan for fulfillment of the personal and collective goals identified

When offered early in conferences, retreats, and convenings, it significantly alters the nature of interpersonal interactions, fostering a sense of safety, mutuality, and trust over professional detachment and skepticism.
Liz giving a keynote speach

Custom Keynotes & Experiences

We love to partner with organizers and leaders to design and deliver bespoke sessions to suit the needs of your team, community, and context.

Depending on the needs/desires of conference organizers, the ‘flavor’ of our facilitation can be adjusted towards more academic/professional or more humanistic/experiential framing to meet the needs of a given convening.

You’ll get an interactive presentation applying the human technologies of health, wellbeing, and accomplishment.

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