Continuing Education

Our National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches (NBHWC) approved continuing education courses. These courses are open to all interested health coaches.
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Suicide Prevention in Health Coaching

Our Suicide Prevention in a Health Coaching Context course will prepare students to better support their clients, to develop their skills of listening between the lines, and to be another professional in the world with the ability to prevent suicide where preventable. This course topic is personal in some way to most people – it is very common that individuals have experienced suicidality within themselves or with a loved one.

This course is taught in a well-held, trauma-informed space to allow individuals to feel confident having these difficult conversations and to examine their own relationship with the topic. This training will prepare coaches to address suicidality using the Question-Persuade-Refer formula, and individuals completing this course will receive the QPR Gatekeeper Certificate.
CE Credits: 4
Upcoming Dates: August 8 
Location: Fully Remote
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Introduction to Trauma-Informed Coaching

This course will be an introduction to trauma and trauma-informed coaching. Coaches will gain a basic understanding of Trauma-Informed Coaching, and how to make specific adjustments in their coaching practice and language so as to be optimally attuned, safe, and respectful.  They will also understand the physiological responses of trauma and when to refer.
CE Credits: 2
Upcoming Dates: August 14
Location: Fully Remote
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Coaching en Español

Cultural Differences in Health Coaching for Spanish- Speaking Populations: Practical Learning Through Motivational Interviewing and the Trans-Theoretical Model of Change

This course will bring together the Spanish language coaching community for didactic learning and discussion.

Upon completion of this program, students will:
  • Have a better understanding of how the LatinX communities' unique needs and challenges can be addressed through health coaching, including both commonalities and differences between different Latin cultures.
  • Be equipped to coach and use trauma-informed and culturally aware language when coaching in Spanish with sensitivity and awareness to traditions, religious beliefs, and cultural differences.
  • Language and nuanced understanding of how to translate and utilize the Stages of Change (TTM) and Motivational Interviewing to coach Spanish-speaking populations.
  • Start building a community of Spanish-language health coaches with whom students can connect for support.
CE Credits: 7.5
Upcoming Dates: 3-session course, August 15, 22, & 29
Location: Fully Remote
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The Magic of Group Coaching

There is truly magic in group coaching! Beyond creating an opportunity for more accessible, cost-effective care, coaching in groups creates positive social pressure, inspiration, and accountability. Rather than the coach being the single relationship that drives change, participants can build off of shared experience and camaraderie and create long-term relationships of support.

However, we also know that group coaching can be intimidating as the structure and process will diverge from the 1-1 coaching that many of us have been trained in. Open Source Wellness specializes in group coaching with individuals in a variety of environments, including clinical healthcare settings, group housing facilities, and community centers, and has put a lot of thought into how to make group coaching engaging, effective, and fun.

In this course, we will:

Break into small groups to practice the skills and processes specific to coaching a group.
  • Discuss the benefits and challenges of group coaching.
  • Learn the flow and time management of a group coaching session, as well as skills and strategies to work with common group coaching dynamics (including under-participation, over-participation, and managing conflict).
  • Think through Zoom and digital coaching tactics.
  • Break into small groups to practice the skills and processes specific to coaching a group.
CE Credits: 3
Upcoming Dates: September 12th
Location: Fully Remote
Group coaching session

Ethics & Legal in Practice

As the field of Health & Wellness coaching grows, our scope of practice is constantly evolving. And gray areas are an inevitable part of the discussion of ethics! This course is designed to help you build confidence in your understanding of the guiding principles that we follow as health and wellness coaches and to get support in those “gray” areas.

We are excited to co-create what it means to further evolve the excellence of health coaching and legitimize the profession. AND we recognize that this topic may not be the most thrilling, so we promise to bring our particular Open Source Wellness touch. Throughout the course, we’ll connect with peers, take movement and mindfulness breaks, and have fun!
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Sliding Scale Information

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How should I use the OSW's sliding scale?

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Who should use these sliding scale tickets?

Examples are those who are supporting children or other dependents alone, have significant debt, have medical expenses not covered by insurance, receive public assistance, have immigration-related expenses, are an elder with limited financial support, are an unpaid community organizer.

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