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Oakland, CA

Implement the Open Source Wellness model in your clinical, community, or housing setting

We partner with hospital systems, clinics, payers, housing developers, and other organizations to deliver the model, customized to your population, and we have funding solutions to help make this work revenue-positive!

We Partner in Two Ways:

1. Contract with

Open Source Wellness to fully staff and deliver programming

2. License and deliver the OSW model: receive training, technical assistance,

and ongoing support to operate the model with your own staff. 

We enjoy having conversations with potential implementation partners, and can work with you to source funding and other resources.

Funding Open Source Wellness in the clinical healthcare context

This model works best when combined with a Group Medical Visit (GMV).

This supports clinical care integration, and while making the implementation revenue-positive for your clinic. 

Here’s how:

Our team of health coaches and peer leaders facilitate the weekly experiential OSW group. A clinic provider participates in the weekly program and pulls patients aside for individual check-ins. This provider then bills insurance for each patient, for an individual visit in the context of a Group Medical Visit.  

The Open Source Wellness model radically amplifies (often doubles) the clinical productivity of a single provider, generating more revenue than is needed to fund the OSW program. 


Financial example, given an FQHC in California (costs unique to your location may vary based on reimbursement rates, capitation structures, etc.):

Average visits per 4-hour clinical session (one provider, individual visits): 

Patients scheduled: 10
Patients seen (due to no-shows): 7.5 average 


Average visits billed during Open Source Wellness Group Medical Visit (one provider, Group Medical Visit): 16.2 

   16.2 OSW GMV patient average

–   7.5 Individual patient average

    8.7 additional billed visits 

Given a reimbursement rate of ~$250/visit:

8.7 X $250/visit = $2,175 per week

$2,175 X 50 weeks/year (given holidays) = $108,750 per year

The cost of operating Open Source Wellness in the clinical setting for one year is $70-90k.  

This enables a clinic or hospital system to implement Open Source Wellness and improve clinical outcomes, reduce ED visits, and improve patient satisfaction – all while generating extra revenue.  

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