• Lauren B.

Design Museum LIVE Virtual Talk With: Open Source Wellness

"May’s Design Museum LIVE explored our national health care system with Open Source Wellness founders Dr. Elizabeth Markle and Dr. Ben Emmert-Aronson, two psychologists. Open Source Wellness is a radical reinvention of our healthcare system that is working to provide prescription behavioral practices. The project launched after Elizabeth and Ben observed that their patients were often instructed to change their lifestyles without receiving a structured plan to help them change. The pair noted that doctors frequently give the following advice: get more exercise, decrease stress, eat healthier, and surround yourself with social relationships. Open Source Wellness, through what they call their “behavioral pharmacy,” provides training, peer support, and activities that help people take their doctor’s advice."

Click Here to Watch: https://designmuseumfoundation.org/opensource-wellness-recap/?fbclid=IwAR0rcMeYhQ8CfiOiappxqqVbcVGsYmEEHZXJULwXcGHE0gcnMI6AhsKp-yQ

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