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Basic Self-Care to Help You Feel Your Best While Getting Through the Pandemic

At Open Source Wellness, we support you in your quest to look and feel as good as possible, wherever you are in your wellness journey. We know that the pandemic has affected people differently, depending on where you reside and what your health needs are. Some of you may still be in lockdown or simply staying indoors due to the risks associated with COVID-19. Others may be finding ways to get out, connect with others, and socialize again. Self-care and body positivity are essential as you continue to navigate these challenges while protecting your health and seeking meaningful connections. Here are some of the ways you can take charge of your life and feel like your best self, whatever your circumstances.

Get your body moving.

We all know that exercise will help us to feel more confident and energized, as well as pay off in long-term health benefits. However, when we’re already overwhelmed or exhausted, the prospect of exercise can feel like a chore. That’s why it’s so important to find physical activities that you look forward to, and which fit well into your existing schedule. Some people may enjoy the burn they get from a high-intensity workout, while others may prefer to simply go for a walk. If you enjoy gardening or spending time with pets, fit your exercise in there as well.

Make eating choices you can feel good about.

Transitioning from unhealthy eating habits to healthier ones can take a lot of labor, especially if nutritious foods are difficult to access. For those living in food deserts, this can feel like an impossible task. Add to that the demand of having to cook new dishes for yourself and your family. Eating well shouldn’t be something that puts extra pressure on you, so think about small changes you can make, whether replacing high-sugar or high-sodium snacks with more nutritious ones, switching soda for seltzer, or adding a salad to the menu. Once you start to make small changes, you may feel more energized and motivated to progress to bigger ones.

Connect with the community as best you can.

Some people like a lot of alone time; others prefer to mingle. But everyone needs meaningful connections and emotional support, even if they aren’t into routine socializing. The pandemic has made it harder for many people to spend time with loved ones or seek comfort in communal spaces. Social media can help you keep up with those who live far away. If the weather and public health restrictions permit, see if you can meet up for socially distanced get-togethers with a few trusted friends in a safe outdoor place. If this isn’t possible, and if your support network is physically removed, try other affordable ways to relieve stress, such as stretching or meditation.

When times are hard it can be difficult to remember to care for our own health and appearance. We may even get negative messaging suggesting that it’s selfish to prioritize our own exercise, meditation, or other forms of self-care. Those voices have no place in our lives! Remember, caring for your physical and mental well-being is as essential as anything else you do for your home, family, work, or loved ones.

Cheryl Conklin


Open Source Wellness

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