Corporate Offerings

All offerings available virtually

and in person

Building cultures of wellbeing, engagement, activation, and vitality: Customized keynotes, workshops, ongoing series, and individual and executive coaching.

Our offerings are designed to create sustained changes in physical, psychological, and social wellbeing. We are experts in leveraging the power of connection and community to transform health and wellbeing outcomes for individuals, teams and organizations.

Program formats include:


  • Keynotes for conferences and all-staff gatherings

  • Open enrollment sessions

  • Workshops for team offsites and retreats

  • Ongoing health and wellbeing programs (6-12 sessions over time)

  • Individual employee and executive coaching onsite or online 

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how can i get started?

Contact us! Let’s have an exploratory conversation. We partner with HR, Training/Development, and other leadership to design the right offering for your team.