keynotes & workshops

We work with you to customize our short programs (1 hour to 1 day) in service to the goals and outcomes identified by your team and organization. Program formats include:

  • Meeting keynotes and all-staff gatherings

  • Open enrollment sessions

  • Team offsites, retreats, and workshops

What We Deliver


You’ll get an interactive presentation applying the human technologies of health, wellbeing, and accomplishment. The concepts of truth, desire and habit are explored experientially, and participants end by writing their own Rx for change in support of their highest personal and professional values.


  • An engaging, interactive, and provocative experience

  • An infusion of vitality, authenticity and connection between participants

  • A direct, individualized experience of the living, human technologies of behavior change 

  • An action plan for fulfillment of the personal and collective goals identified

Download a sample program outline, here.