Open Source Wellness is a Community and a "Behavioral Pharmacy" where four basic practices underlying physical and psychological health are facilitated.





Our Story

Dr. Elizabeth Markle, Cofounder and Executive Director



As a primary care health psychologist, for years it was my job to help physicians be more effective in helping their patients. I spoke with thousands of doctors and patients about how to translate diagnoses and health information into actionable, effective steps towards health and wellbeing.


After doing this work for a number of years, I had a realization: Doctors are constantly making the same set of “behavioral prescriptions,” like “Exercise more,” or “Eat healthier,” or “Reduce your stress.”  Unfortunately, they give these instructions, and then say something like, “Well, good luck with that. I’ll see you in 6 months!”  


Imagine a doctor saying, “You’re going to need antibiotics (or insulin). Good luck finding that! I’ll see you in 6 months!”  It would be absurd to give a prescription but have no pharmacy, no delivery system. Yet this is exactly what our patients needing to make health behavior changes (like exercise, nutrition, or stress) face: a prescription that no pharmacy anywhere can fill.


Yes, there is a boutique health and wellness system, and those with privilege can shop at Whole Foods, hire health coaches, and join gyms. But for those individuals and families who need it most, who struggle with poverty, unsafe environments, and upstream drivers of chronic disease, - there is no affordable, accessible, and culturally relevant delivery system for the behavioral medicine that they need, and as an entire society we pay the price.


Ben and I designed Open Source Wellness to fill the gaping hole between a doctor’s “behavioral prescription” and the actual experiential fulfillment of that prescription. We are happy when we see people moving their bodies together, eating well together, learning together, managing stress together, - and developing the skill, power, and agency within their communities to collectively generate health and wellbeing. 


Thanks for being a part of our work, and please don’t hesitate to reach out. I love connecting with patients, providers, and others in the clinical and public health fields, and believe that together we can create a system that works for everyone.


Models of Delivery


Located on site at healthcare campuses or clinics, fully integrated into clinical workflow and electronic health record, funded/contracted by healthcare provider and/or insurer organizations.


Operating in conjunction with Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center, Hayward Wellness Center, Native American Health Center, Alameda Health System, and All-In Alameda County


Accepts referrals/prescriptions from a variety of primary care, specialty care, and behavioral health providers along with self-referred individuals, receives payment from individuals and organizations on a sliding scale. 


Open to the public at

221 Oak St in partnership with Prevention Institute

Embedded within low-income housing communities, utilizing co-design and co-production strategies to generate physical, mental, and social health and wellbeing with minimal barriers and no cost to residents.


Operating in partnership with Satellite Affordable Housing Authority (SAHA)

our TEAM
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Elizabeth Markle, Ph.D.

Executive Director

[email protected]

Professor and Chair,

California Institute of Integral Studies

Speaker, Consultant

Ferocious pursuer of dreams.

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Director of Operations

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Researcher, Speaker, Advocate

Takes dreams. Makes them real.

Julie Alvarez

Program Manager

[email protected]

Guide. Advocate. Creator to do goodness

Rachel Barach

HR and Training Manager

[email protected]

Certified Nutrition Consultant

Certified Mind Body Nutrition Coach
Trained Chef


Food Enthusiast. Lover of Dance.

Health Coach
[email protected]

Master's in Integrative Health Coaching & Wellness Management

Certified in Guided Imagery

Passionate, Inquisitive, Authentic

Kermit Goodman

Tech Advisor

[email protected]

Certified Health Coach

Transformational Counselor
Dance Instructor

Aliveness is an Infinite Scale of Discovery

Susanna Merlo, M.A.
Bianca Garcia

Health Coach
[email protected]

Learner, listener, appreciator of beauty

Rohita Bhatia

Health Coach
[email protected]


Certified Nutrition Consultant

Cultural food practices advocate

Content creator & digital marketer

Meagan Moroney

Health Coach & Site Lead
[email protected]

Empathetic. Energizer. Advocate. Healer

Jacky Carrillo

Health Coach
[email protected]


Highly motivated through the power of connection, kindness, and understanding.

Accepting Applications

Currently hiring for our 2022 cohort of interns beginning in January! In particular, we are looking for folks with interest or expertise in HR, Social Media, Patient Outreach, or Health Coaching. Additional preference for Spanish or Mandarin speakers.


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